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We are here to support you every step of the way with your passive fire protection needs. In addition to making sure your facility is properly firestopped, NFS also provides fire/smoke damper and door inspections.

Northeast Firestopping Solutions

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We are devoted to assisting you with all of your passive fire protection and life safety management needs. Our complimentary surveys help provide you with the necessary knowledge to help you make the right decision.


What We Do

The purpose of firestopping is to prevent flames, gases, and smoke from passing through openings created by wiring, piping, joints, and additional gaps through flooring, walls, and other forms of penetrations. NFS specializes in ensuring these openings are repaired properly and the barriers are restored to NFPA 101 Life Safety code.

NFS Offers Complimentary Surveys!

Northeast Firestopping Solutions (NFS) is a full-service firestopping contractor devoted to assisting you with all of your passive fire protection and life safety management needs.  We offer our complimentary surveys to help provide you with the necessary knowledge to help you make the right decision.  Shoot us your information, and we’ll schedule an appointment to survey your property!

Commercial & Residential

Commercial & residential industries continue to rapidly evolve in this day in age. Changing codes and a firm emphasis on proper barrier management enforcement has caused many to rethink their protocols regarding firestopping.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Both the manufacturing & industrial sectors have a foremost need to confirm their fire walls and barriers are properly firestopped. Installation and maintenance of these rated barriers are of extreme importance not only for the safety and well being of those working inside them, but also for the catastrophic property loss a fire could bring.

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Nowhere is proper firestopping and barrier management more important than in the healthcare industry, period. Hospitals, assisted living, and other specialty care facilities require a unique approach to their fire barrier management and complete life safety profile.

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Hospitality & Institutional

The hospitality & institutional industries are two specific sectors that need to take proper firestopping seriously. Places of lodging, such as hotels and motels, must be sure their fire and smoke barriers are up to current code compliance as sleeping guest are an extremely vulnerable population.

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Government buildings are highly regulated in nature, including all aspects of construction and life safety. Sensitive information usually resides inside the walls which could disappear in an instant in the event of a fire.

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The educational sector has always been an area where life safety is taken seriously due to the vulnerable populations that often constitute them: Children. Hallways and stairwells frequently compose the major vein for evacuation and egress for staff and students in the case of a fire.

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Sports & Recreation

When you think about sports & recreational facilities I’m certain proper firestopping is not one of the first things that comes to mind. However, life safety is still a major “team player” in the overall safety of these facilities.

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Firestopping History

Firestopping is rooted in military ship construction where effective compartmentalization and other life safety techniques were pioneered. Firestop systems have been used for compartmentalization in fire and smoke resistance rated construction in buildings for many decades. The need for modern firestopping materials and systems became apparent as a result
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Facility Life Safety Evaluation

How confident are you that your facility will perform properly in the event of a fire? We've created an online evaluation tool to determine the overall condition of your facility’s life safety barriers. A point value is associated with each of your answers provided which will help you score the overall condition of your facility.